Hey you lovely lot.  Where do I start?  You will no doubt be aware that this is my first blog post in a little while, you see, I hadn’t quite anticipated what being a new mum of two, and returning to work would entail.  Crazily I thought I could just run Blake Jewellery and manage the website in my spare time, however I was soon to realise that there is no FU**ING SPARE TIME, spare time is a thing of the past!

However somehow, amongst all the madness my baby girl Ayda is soon to have her first birthday, I mean what the AF? How has this happened? I am sure I must have spent the past year in a coffee induced coma or something?  Literally has been in the blink of an eye! But somehow in amongst all the chaos I still managed to design, and create a mini range of jewels to accompany Blake Jewellery, adeptly named Ayda.

Ayda, named after the little doll herself (albeit she is more like the Tasmanian devil than an actual doll) is a mirror of the main collection. The charms were carefully selected by Blake herself, and I must say it was so special to work alongside her in creating this new line. My motivation behind this was simply down to the fascination my girls have with jewels, they are like mini magpies, therefore I thought, why not let them have their own?  Makes perfect sense to me!

So the collection is now live via my website http://www.blakejewellery.co.uk   Please do let me know what you think, your thoughts and opinions are important to me.

Here is a pic of Blake in her favourite stack, pic taken by the fab https://www.grangephotography.co.uk/

Racheal xo

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