Hey you lovely lot.  Where do I start?  You will no doubt be aware that this is my first blog post in a little while, you see, I hadn’t quite anticipated what being a new mum of two, and returning to work would entail.  Crazily I thought I could just run Blake Jewellery and manage the website in my spare time, however I was soon to realise that there is no FU**ING SPARE TIME, spare time is a thing of the past!

However somehow, amongst all the madness my baby girl Ayda is soon to have her first birthday, I mean what the AF? How has this happened? I am sure I must have spent the past year in a coffee induced coma or something?  Literally has been in the blink of an eye! But somehow in amongst all the chaos I still managed to design, and create a mini range of jewels to accompany Blake Jewellery, adeptly named Ayda.

Ayda, named after the little doll herself (albeit she is more like the Tasmanian devil than an actual doll) is a mirror of the main collection. The charms were carefully selected by Blake herself, and I must say it was so special to work alongside her in creating this new line. My motivation behind this was simply down to the fascination my girls have with jewels, they are like mini magpies, therefore I thought, why not let them have their own?  Makes perfect sense to me!

So the collection is now live via my website http://www.blakejewellery.co.uk   Please do let me know what you think, your thoughts and opinions are important to me.

Here is a pic of Blake in her favourite stack, pic taken by the fab https://www.grangephotography.co.uk/

Racheal xo


Cosy is the key

Hello, this is just a quick post from me, prompted by the fact I feel as though my ass has frost bite.  You see due to current home renovations I am without my lounge window, and wall, I am practically living outside……Yes we are the Flintstones! So that, coupled with the fact the leaves are falling from the trees, this has got my mind thinking of only one thing….BIG CHUNKY KNITS. And when it comes to knitwear, the bigger the better!  Here is my current hit list

Racheal xo


River island have really stepped up their game recently and I’m personally loving some of their pieces, current drop includes the below

https://www.riverisland.com/p/red-chunky-cable-knit-cardigan-706518 also comes in grey def a dupe of the mumshandmade.


Speaking of mumshandmade if you have the budget definitely an investment piece as they are so beautiful I have my eye on this glorious pink one



Cardigans Warm Up Dusty Pink

Loving the statement sleeves on this Iris and Ink jumper available at the Outnet


Another beauty from Iris and Ink this is simply dreamy (I have this thing for pink!)


And of course your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without some Zara chucked in for good measure!

Loving the embellishment on this baby



I don’t know why but I rather adore this



Perfect with boots in the winter



Happy shopping xo






Its that time of year…..

It is that time of year…….

When you are planning the wardrobe for the following season, and the truth be told these plans have been at the forefront of my mind for way too long, as the summer most certainly bypassed the North East this year, that’s for sure!  Those pretty summer dresses are being worn with boots and a jumper, and I have waved goodbye to my beloved shorts, it was far too brief!

Therefore this has got me thinking about my wardrobe, and what is going to see me through.  If you follow my Instagram page (style­_at­_blake) you will understand why I am carrying outfits across from one season to another, as you would have heard me bleating on about my current, and very inconvenient ‘shopping ban’…I mean WTF????  However my inner Mystic Meg must have been aware of the upcoming ban, and had already carried out some sneaky clicks into the online basket (oops).

So please see below some pieces I have purchased, which you can shop now.  These are great because they will work with your current summer wardrobe, however see you through to those impending cooler nights, or if you are me and live in the North East AKA The North Pole you will be rocking these now!

Happy Shopping


Everyone needs a Bretton in their lives I’ve added this one to the collection comes in red and blue.


Jersey top with frills - Blue/White striped - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Here are some of my favourite trousers, these suede like ones fit true to size and will be fabulous in the autumn with boots and a chunky knit.


Image 5 of FAUX SUEDE LEGGINGS from Zara

These H&M pants work great with the stripy top or a plain tee.


Wide lyocell trousers - Khaki - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Want to inject a little colour into your life then look no further than these mustard trousers from Zara they look great on and work really well with a tee and leather jacket or a crisp white shirt.



I tracked these down today and didn’t buy them still kicking myself so perhaps I may have to purchase look great with the sock boot



This Blush pink is one of my favourite colours and looks great with all of the above pants and the shoulders are just gorgeous



Sticking with the pink theme I’ve added this beauty to the wardrobe again looks great with pants or adds a laid back look teamed with a skirt.


Jumper in a mohair blend - Pink - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Love this tomato red it’s divine! Its oversized will be gorgeous with a shirt underneath or on its own I need this!


Image 2 of OVERSIZED SWEATER from Zara

Love these finds from Mango will definitely be wearing these now.


Scalloped edges t-shirt | MANGO


Contrasting design blouse | MANGO

A few items I will be lusting after until I can convince the hubby to lift the ban or I just hide them in the wardrobe also known as Narnia xo


Heel sock boots | MANGO

Or I can dream…..



Summer Loving

So the summer has officially landed in Blighty, and being a true Brit I have become a complete and utter weather bore, my general conversation for the past week has consisted of ‘it’s too hot’ ‘it’s too wet’ ‘WTF is going on with this bloody weather’….you get the picture! So with such unpredictable weather it really raises the daily dilemma of what to wear, I mean no one wants to be strutting round with a sweaty crotch right?

So in such sweaty and unpredictable weather situations I often find myself reaching out to the beloved culottes, or wide leg pants as some may call them.  The culotte is a wardrobe must have for every lady out there, they not only suit all shapes and sizes, I find them so versatile too, whereby one day I may be sporting them at the school gates with a pair of trainers, then at the weekend I can wear the same pair with heels, creating an entirely different look, however both looking equally as fabulous.

I have therefore decided to scope out some of my favourite culottes, out there now for you lovely ladies to purchase. OK OK some of them may have taken residency in my wardrobe, however if you remember from my last post I have a condition so this is totally acceptable behaviour….gosh I really am the real life version of ‘confessions of a shopaholic’….send help!

These babies may just be on their way to me….they are in the sale at £29.99


Image 1 of TROUSERS WITH SASH BELT from Zara

These too are Zara I mean £12.99 it would be rude not too, these will be great for work with a shirt or a thin knit, perfect when those temperatures drop.


Image 1 of CROPPED TROUSERS from Zara

Ok another Zara new season this time, the lace is just gorgeous…perfect for an event/wedding.



These are great they remind me of my school days when i didn’t want to wear a skirt but could get away with culottes, again from Zara affordable fashion and great tailoring.


Image 3 of from Zara


The ones I’ve posted on Instagram are Topshop, they are still avaliable but only in sizes 14/16 link http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/trousers-leggings-4075710/side-split-palazzo-trousers-6490851?bi=0&ps=20

These below are also Topshop and are pretty similar to the above.


I may need these in my life…and only £16


Pleated Woven Culottes

love the blush tone of these New Look beauties again what a steel £19.99 they come in an array of colours too


I love the jewel green of these from Uterque and they are on sale!


These also Uterque very Missoni esque totally divine again sale alert!!


Hope you enjoyed reading and happy shopping


My current crush

Hello, I am Racheal a 37 year old mum of two adorable girls, with an obsessive passion for fashion and all things gorgeous. If I get an idea in my head that is it, I must have it, and in true Taurus style I am as stubborn as a bull, and determined to have that ‘must have’ item in my life immediately! That said I sadly do not have the Gucci budget, however that does not mean we can’t have things just as gorgeous from the high street.

I launched Blake Jewellery in 2014 as an outlet for my creative side, and because I struggled to find the finishing touches for my outfits in the shops, very frustrating! And of course this side business does help fund my excessive spending on clothes.  I genuinely believe that this is a condition and something which I am now struggling to hide away from the husband……..Oh well I may as well hold my hand up and say ‘yep I have a problem’ but what is a girl to do when there are so many nice things to wear man! The struggle is real folks!

So this is my first foray into blog writing, therefore I do apologise if I ramble (if you ever meet me in real life you will know I really can chat). So as a mum and one who is coming to the end of her maternity leave (holy shit its gone fast) I know that dressing in the morning for the school run with a baby is bloody hard work, and sometimes I will admit I just grab the gym gear, even though I have zero intention of actually setting foot in the gym. I think this applies to us all actually that sometimes the easy to wear comfortable option is the one we go with.  However that said, of late, I have fallen in love with….all over again…the beloved jumpsuit!!! Who agrees that it is that one item you don’t have to think about it, you just chuck it on, dress it up or down….voila! what is there not to love?

So below are some of my favourite jumpsuits, and shhhhhhhh some may have secretly made it into my wardrobe, oops don’t tell the husband!

Image 1 of RIBBED JUMPSUIT from Zara

Love so comfy too! Zara £17.99 https://www.zara.com/uk/en/trf/new-basics/ribbed-jumpsuit-c805002p4475581.html


looks amazing on Zara £59.99 https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/jumpsuits/flowing-ruffled-jumpsuit-c399001p4712065.html


This is the one from my Instagram story yesterday http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-jumpsuit-in-cotton-with-lace-up-front/prd/7965748?iid=7965748&clr=Stone&SearchQuery=jumpsuit&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=910&gridsize=3&gridrow=9&gridcolumn=1




Also this is just divine!  https://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/product/855937/zimmermann/bowerbird-empire-embroidered-crinkled-silk-georgette-playsuit


Genie Jumpsuit in Red Star image

I have a couple of these, they have been great while pregnant and so perfect for holidays https://www.dancingleopard.co.uk/products/genie-jumpsuit-in-red-star

This is so on my lust list http://www.whistles.com/women/clothing/jumpsuits/sigrid-ruffle-jumpsuit-25432.html?dwvar_sigrid-ruffle-jumpsuit-25432_color=Denim#start=1



Thanks for reading


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